Friday, October 8, 2010

My little gymnasts!

This little monkey is always smiling as she inches across the parallel bars. This is such an accomplishment for her. She has no sense of awareness when it comes to her body and is constantly tripping and falling. She should be proud of herself, I know I am proud of her!

This little girl always amazes me when it comes to sports. She was instructed to jump off the trampoline and land on her feet. That would be too easy for her though. She spiced it up by doing a flip off the end and actually came out of it in one piece!

The girls decided they wanted to try gymnastics this year and we decide ya, OK this could be fun. Well fun is an understatement. I have so much fun watching these 2 explore how their bodies move in this class. Aurora cracks me up, she was trying to do a summer sault out of a round doughnut style mat and every time she bent over to do it she moved her hands out of the way. Can you guess what happened? Yep, she landed on her face. Can you guess how many times in a row? Not more than once you would think after crashing on to your face but not Aurora, she did it 7 or 8 time! I was cracking up so bad! The coach finally saw what was happening and gave her a hand, after all we are there to learn right!

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