Sunday, August 29, 2010

West Minster Abbey

We had planned on going to the Kilby Children's Festival today but when we arrived we found out it was way to expensive for the 6 of us and upon talking to my friend whom was already there we learned it was not worth it so.......

We followed the road through Harrison Mills and wound up in Mission. We could see a Monastery from the highway so we decided to check it out. It was the Westminster Abbey...

We found some wonderful paths to follow and some amazing photo opportunities!

This was the amazing view of the Fraser River from high up on the Abbey property! Too bad there was so much smog.

This is the view of the bell tower at the monastery from the path we followed to the look out.

One of the Monks at the monastery told Eva she was so colorful that she looked like a bouquet of flowers.

Cole also talked to a Monk and asked him if there was a cemetery. The monk asked him why he was so interested in it and he said it was because that's where the dead people are! The monk then asked him if he prayed for the dead and Cole's response was "sometimes" and then the monk blessed him. We wont tell the monk that Cole has no idea what pray means....

What a beautiful day to visit such a beautiful and peaceful place!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Down by the sea....

I don't know what it is specifically about Crescent Beach that I am drawn to....I make sure I take my kids there every summer like my mom did with me each summer. It could be the the tradition I grew up with my family heading to White Rock every summer and we would watch for a train to pass by and enjoy some hot french fries with some good ol' ketchup to dip in... The rythmic beating of the waves as the tide comes in, or the ice cream smiles, or the excitement of discovery as you turn over rocks and discover crabs...
You can catch a glimpse of the pier in the distance behind Logan. We has wanted to walk to the end and look for starfish but the parking meter had expired so we chose ice cream instead! Eva loves to stand in front of the camera!
This is the cutest bunch of cousins around...cant believe I was able to get them all to sit together and look at the camera!
They were all in a hurry to get down to the beach and try to finds some little crabs. The only thing they found were empty shells and dead crabs but they still thought that was pretty cool!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Go Giants! Go Giants! Go!!

Tonight was our first time going to the Chilliwack Minor Football Chilli Bowl Tournament. This was the night for Aurora to show off all her cheers she had worked so hard to learn. She was ecstatic that she got to put on her cheer uniform and has such a good time!
Tonight was also Coles night to show off his skills as a defensive line backer for the Giants Atoms Red Team! He had a blast and worked up a real sweat! It was also a big night for Logan. He is playing flag football this year and loving it. It was so funny watching as he was passed the ball and then he ran the wrong way, turned around and almost made it to the end before his flag was taken!