Monday, July 27, 2009

Me so happy!

This photo certainly shows her excitement when mommy brought home new jammies for her! Unfortunately it is impossible to find Wall.e clothing for girls so I didn't even think twice when I found this summer jammie set in the boys section for Eva. She obviously doesn't care if it was intended for boys!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Look mom!

The other day Logan came out of his room after I asked him to get dressed and stated "Look Mom, I'm just like Dad"! He thought he was pretty cool having no shirt on just like dad! I thought he was pretty cool too!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lazy Days of Summer!

We had a wonderfully hot day for a wonderful Play date with some great friends!
All the kids had a good time being "Ice Archaeologists". This is a fun activity to do with kids of many ages. All I did was freeze water in layers while adding a variety of things for the kids to dig out. I gave them many tools to get the items out. Their favourite seemed to be the medicine syringe and warm water....
The 2 cutest girlie's catching some rays while soaking in the pool!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy 75th Birthday Nan!

Today we celebrated my Grandmothers 75th Birthday. The whole family gathered together at my Aunt and Uncles place in Rosedale. There was lots to keep the kids busy. They started off the afternoon by cruising the property on the little tractor pulling the firewood behind. They quickly moved on to the chickens. The chickens didnt stand a chance with Logan and Cole around. After a bit the kids convinced Uncle Randy to catch them a chicken. Once they had that chicken in their hot little hands the kids packed it around for at least half an hour!

Eva sure had a fun time with my Uncle and her Great Uncle Randy! There is nothing better than sharing a good laugh together.

Some one forgot to watch the hot dogs! Everyone was blaming everyone else and no one owned up to the blackened wieners, ah well at least there was chicken and hamburgers....

Always an opportunity for this girl to pose even when its with a!

Happy Birthday! I can hardly believe Nan is 75! She certainly doesn't act like she is 75! She is still full of energy and always ready for a good birthday party! Looking forward to celebrating many more to come! Love you Nan!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Today we made art!

This was a cool little art experiment I found over here. It was a boring, lazy, rainy day.....We had done nothing all day except watch movies and nap. I thought it was about time we did something fun and here it is!
I squirted the shaving cream into a glass casserole dish. I squirted paint onto the shaving cream and let the kids go at mixing it around. We then took turns putting our pre-cut papers into the dish.

Here we have our finished art projects! What a fun and simple thing to do!


Taking a free class here with Jessica Sprague. Here is what I did on the first day.....I allready knew how to add the frame and word art but its nice to do it again because it reminds you of some keyboard clicks you have forgotten about!

This is my youngest monkey who decided it would be a blast to put the chalk all over her face rather than the sidewalk!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I just love Summer evenings!

Tonight we were out gathering rocks at the river for my flower bed in the front lawn. The kids were having a blast running and playing in the tall grass.....I remembered I had my camera with me and was lucky enough to catch some great pictures of the kids!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Let's give spencer something to look forward to every day!

I always read this blog and when she requested everyone to send a $1 Spencer, a boy with Cancer that is not expected to live through the summer, I thought what an awesome idea! Join me and many others in sending $1 to Spencer! The contest is over but thats not what its about anyways. Below is some information I copied from Lisa's blog.....

One of my sweet neighbors, Dana Lyman, has a dear friend whose son is in the final stages of cancer. He most likely will not live through the summer. She just spent the last week at his house in Portland, Oregon and since that time has been brainstorming to come up with something fun to do for Spencer. She finally thought of it. She's asking people everywhere to send an envelope to Spencer with a dollar bill inside. Think how great that will be--a mailbox full of envelopes containing a $1 bill. Do not include your return address. This will add to the fun and mystery. He'll know where all envelopes have come from by the postmark. And--if you live in a different country, please participate too. I think Spencer will get quite a kick seeing currency from different countries. This really is easy--no card or creativity required!Please address your envelope to: Spencer Hardy17968 NW Gilbert Lane Portland, OR 97229