Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The bravest kids oh my!

When I was 3 I doubt you would have caught me trying to pull a 190lb Burmese Python back into my lap so I could snuggle with it! I betcha I would have been in tears, but not Eva! I don't know how many times I pulled this snake back into her lap but it was just too strong for her. The other python in the back ground is 140lbs! That's the one daddy held around his neck. I never would have thought I would even touch a snake never mind be in the same room as one that wasn't behind some sort of glass but I did it. I think the little ones brought out some bravery in us adults.....

This big 6 yr old is proudly holding a Caiman. Again no fear just smiles. This Caiman was very tame. He never opened his mouth at the children. He was just looking around checking out the scenery....

This blows my mind! I can not believe my 5 yr old wanna be Princess actually held a hairy and gross Tarantula! I couldn't even gather up the nerves to hold this one!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Going to School

I have been taking Eva to the Montessori Preschool that Aurora currently attends. The intention is to give Eva a chance to practice going to school and being around other children. She tried going to preschool this past September but it was too overwhelming for her. I am finding her experience this time is much more pleasant. Eva loves any activity that involves using covering her hands and feeling various sensations. I could barely pry her away from this activity......As you can tell she thoroughly enjoyed herself and is well on her way to becoming a baker! Another activity Eva enjoys is transferring water from one container to another. This activity is really good for her fine motor skills. You can see the concentration on her face. I love the fact that the Montessori environment does not have any toys but only activities that will help the child with daily life skills. I also love that the Montessori method allows the child to decide what activity they would like to work on and for what period of time.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Who Said......

Who said......My little boy could start losing his teeth and gaining adult teeth?
Who said......My little boy could be old enough to decide he wants a Mohawk?
Who said......My little boy could finish Kindergarten and move on to grade 1?
Who said......My little boy could get out of a car seat and in to a booster seat?
Who said......My little boy could learn to print his first and last name?
Who said......My little boy could keep growing taller?
Who said......My little boy could learn to ride a 2 wheel bike?
Who said......My little boy could make me so proud of all the things he has mastered this year?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Is this really spring?

Aren't these bathing beauties super cute.....I can say that because after all they are mine! These kids are ready for some serious fun cooling down! has been sooo nice! I am loving it and can hardly wait for school to be out for the summer! We have had record breaking temps for this time of year....according to the Vancouver Sun Newspaper, Chilliwack was a Fraser Valley hot spot on June 3rd with a record high of 34.4, beating the old mark of 32.6 on the same date in 1989.

This boy captures everyones heart with that wish for him is that he keeps smiling always...

Sunscreen, swim suits, goggles, sister, pool and oh yes we cant forget the pose! They certainly take their pictures seriously.....

She just might break some hearts! Not so sure I want to see the teen years.....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We are going to the zoo how 'bout you?;'

The kids were so excited to be going on the bus to the ZOO! Logan must have told me 10 time last night that we had to make sure we went to school on time so we didnt miss the bus. What was he trying to say? That we are always late....Well today we were actually early! Yay us! I think the bus was the best part of the day for Logan. This smiling face says it all. Ok well maybe the train ride was the best part of the day. Logan loves trains! We were in charge of taking 2 of his classmates with us around the zoo. Papa came along for the fieldtrip with us. Can you spot him calling out "All aboard"?
Not sure what this animal is but Aurora thought it was a good opportunity to strike a pose!
What better way to finish off the day than with a Lifesavers Popsicle.....Thanks Papa!