Monday, May 25, 2009

Island Fun!

We went to Campbell River for the weekend. Relatives of ours were getting married and there was no way we were going to miss it! We decided at the last minute on Thursday that we were going to leave. By the time we left Chilliwack it was 6:58 pm and we were trying to catch the last ferry at 9pm. Guess what, we made it in plenty of time. We didn't get into Campbell River until almost 1am! The kids were troopers and everyone was happy even at that time! We stayed at the Anchor Inn. We enjoyed it there because there was nobody staying there! The kids loved the pool and the best part was the beach front view from our room! We also had beach access from the hotel.
The kids had a great time exploring the beach and discovering the sea creatures underneath the rocks. I convinced Aurora to hold a crab but Logan was too afraid to touch them. He however had no problems prying the starfish from the rocks!
Nothing like enjoying an ice cream cone while watching sailboats on the Ocean!
The girls had a great time showing off their dance moves and the guests at the wedding enjoyed watching them. It's amazing how confident you are when you are young that you don't care who is watching you....

I was surprised how much the kids liked the ferry. I remember being terrified when my mom took my sister and I on the Ferry, for some reason I always thought the wind would blow me right off the boat!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Catching up

I am still working on pictures from last Summer! This is the camping trip we took in September. The kids were just 2 weeks into school and I took them out for one last piece of Summer Fun! (I will try and figure out what supplies I used and give credit at a later time.)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Cheam Wetlands

What a beautiful day for a picnic at the Cheam Wetlands with our friends. The kids had a day off of school today so why not enjoy the sun! We packed our lunch, rounded up the troops and hit the trails. The kids called it an adventure and loved roaming the trails filling their pockets with rocks.

Eva invented her own juice box holder. Logan was so proud of catching this butterfly with his bare hands!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I did it!

This year a couple of my friends and I entered the Envision Run for Mom. The run raises money for much need equipment in the maternity ward of the Chilliwack Hospital.

This is me and my girls doing the warm up before the race. They had a blast warming up to the beat of the music! My husband and son were there as well as my in-laws to cheer me on in my first ever run. I managed to run the 5km without stopping to walk! This is a huge accomplishment for me and I must say I am definitely proud of myself! My time was approximately 32 minutes but cant say for sure because I didn't realize the race wasn't being timed for the 5km event. Guess I know now for next year! Here I am with picture proof that I made it! I was sooooo tired and so very hot! What a great event for Mothers Day! Next year the kids will be doing the 1km event. They wanted to do it this year but I hadn't registered them, thought they wouldn't want to do it, silly me.....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bingo Dauber Fun!

We had a little craft time tonight before bed. This is something new for the kids. We used bingo daubers to fill in the dots on the pictures. They thought it was pretty cool! You can find the downloads here.

Stop and smell the Flowers!

Sunday afternoon we took a little drive out to Seabird Island to have a look at the Tulips of the Valley. It was the last day so a lot of the Tulips had been cut but I must say there was still a million and a half to look at! The kids had a great time, the hubby not his first choice of family activities but he was a good sport.... The kids loved the flowers and spontaneously kept holding hands. It was sooo cute!