Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What I did this weekend:

This weekend I was off to BC Crop for Kids. It was a weekend Scrap booking fundraiser for BC Children's Hospital. It was a very successful event raising over $22,000. They are all ready making the plans for next year! Can't wait to go again!!! Jeff stayed at home with the kids and managed to take them to their soccer games, feed them, give them naps and even take them all to a hockey game. The most amazing thing was coming home to a clean house and happy kids! Way to go Daddy!
Here is a look at the mini album I made for my niece. I took old Cd's that we don't use anymore and altered them into this cute little album. Now all I need to do is fill in a little message for my niece and it will be complete!

What am I up to?

Other than dishes I am collecting pictures to document a week in my life. Ali Edwards has inspired my to join her in a project called A week in the Life. The basic idea is to capture bits of life to put in an album. So far I am enjoying this project and think the end result will be quite neat. I would like to repeat it again in a year or 2 to see how much life has changed. Join in if you want, you can start anytime. It's your project!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quick Page to Share.

This is a free quick page done by Lori Barnhursrt over at Little Dreamer Designs. This is my daughter and her friend during a Summer Dance program at Capella Dance Academy. They certainly enjoyed their 4 weeks of classes!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Digital gone camping

This is a layout I did while sitting by the campfire. Who would of thought you would be scrapping on a computer at a campground? This layout is from the Up & Running class I am taking at Jessica Sprague. It was my first layout using a template. Love the template idea because it takes all the fuss out of cutting papers and photos down to the right size!

Camped out

I absolutely love this tent. It is a bit of over kill but was such a good deal. It is meant to sleep 13 people but the 3 kids and I went camping on our own. Loved having the room to stand up straight and walk around the beds. We lucked out and made it home before the rains came! We had a great time at Cultus Lake for our first camping trip. It may only be a 5 min drive from our house but is a totally different atmoshphere!
This sneaky guy came and lifted the lid off my food box to steal out marshmallows as I sat by the fire working on digital scrapbooking. The kids werent happy to wake the next morning and hear the racoon had stole all the marshmallows.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Who can ride with two?

Logan can, that's who!!! What an exciting time to see your oldest child learn to ride a two wheel bike. We are so proud of this major accomplishment. Daddy decided to teach him how to do skids. This is how he got the skinned knee. I had to pry it out of daddy by threatening to ask Logan....hehehe!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Digital layout

I finally have a digital layout completed! I have been working on this one off and on for a couple of weeks now. This is an assignment from my class.
Here is the basic outline for this assignment:
Create a new blank document
Open and add a white paper (doesn't have to be the background)
Use multiple photos (practicing from Lesson 2)
Install and stamp at least one of our new Stamped Moments brushes
Add anything else you like from your "digi stash" to create a layout!

Our Soccer Star!

Last night was Aurora's first soccer practice. She is so proud to be on her own soccer team rather than standing on the sidelines cheering for her brother. She was so happy to be kicking the ball and kept screaming "oh yeah"!!!! What a superstar!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Look who's going to school!

I can hardly believe the day is here that I have to take my youngest to her first day of pre-school. As much as I didn't want to do it, I did it! Fortunately she has great teachers and both her siblings are in the class as well.

Look how big she has gotten! We still call her a baby but really she isn't a baby any more:(

What a great bunch of helpers Logan and Aurora are! They guided and helped Angel for her first day any way they could. They are so luck to have each other! I hope they love each other this much in the teen years!

Monday, September 1, 2008

What's your name today???

Angelica has been so cute lately. She is not yet able to pronounce her name so she calls herself "E" because we call her "Jelly". Recently the kids watched the movie WALL.E Angel is now asking daily if she can watch the movie. She has even changed her name to Wall.e or Eve (pronounced Eva). We call her and she will say "No, I Eva or no, I Wall.e" We took a trip to Toys r Us this weekend looking for a WALL.E toy but had no luck. Daddy took her to Walmart the next day and she came home with a WALL.E and an EVE toy. She screamed in delight in the store and totes those toys everywhere!